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Prosecco DOC Extra Dry. 1 Box (6 Bottles)



Wine name: PROSECCO

Denomination type: Controlled Denomination of Origin
Production area: Vò (Padova)
Vines: Prosecco 100 %

Plant breeding: “Cappuccina” method Density: 3.000 stocks per ha Production: 120 q grapes per ha

Harvesting period : Last decade of August

Wine-making process: Preparation of the sparkling base respecting the flower and fruit notes of grapes, hand harvest, gentle pressing, must at 6°C and sedimentation for 15 hours. Separation of cleaned must by filtering, inoculation of fermentation and temperature controlled at 15-16° C. When fermentation is completed, wine is filtered and kept on “good sediment” up to bottling.

Sparkling process: Pleasant, persistent and creamy froth, cold period at the end of fermentation.

Ageing status: Ready for consumption

Technical comment: Pleasant organoleptic result: thanks to his great experience, the wine-maker could maintain the various aromatic notes of Prosecco wine with wisteria and green apple smell.

Matching: Ideal for aperitif and for fish starters and fish dishes.

To be served at: 10 °C
Alcoholmeter: 11 % Vol.


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